Free System Analysis Report


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About our Free system analysis reports

We have partnered with ScanCircle to provide a Free system analysis report.

These reports take in to account and review a number of different basic aspects of your PC, such as,  

Software, Hardware, Updates, Drivers, and a few others. 

Highlighting known issues, that may affect security or stability, 

like Bad Software or out of date Drivers/Software,

and lots, lots more. 

These reports come with an easy to understand scoring system and advice on how to fix many problems. If you would like to know more about them have a look at an Example Report


1How Secure is this service?
All connections are protected by SSL, the software connects back to ScanCircles servers over an SSL connection and then you access those reports over an SSL connection.
2I have Privacy concerns?
By default, no personal information (documents, photos, videos, license numbers, passwords, email addresses, etc.) is retrieved by the Software. The type of information that is collected are things like Hardware ID's and the Currently installed Driver and Version.
3Why do i need a report ?
These reports have a number of uses as they are Quick, Free and Automated. Easy to read and understand results with clearly measurable goals and statistics. These can be used as diagnostic and/or preventative. Compare different reports to give you a before and after view, when you or someone does something. These reports make it easy to find where you need a little help to make your computer easier to use, more secure and more stable.
4What do Blue Lion use these for?
We use them to highlight just how many things need monitoring and maintaining on just one computer. Now imagine if you have 20 in an office. Though these are produced from an entirely different source, they help to outline the need for our RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring).
5Do i need to signup for an account ?
You can (but do not need to) create an account to store your results. These accounts are free, they come with optional email reminders on issues highlighted in reports. You can unsubscribe and/or delete the accounts at any time.