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Infrastructure Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Monitoring of your servers, workstations or network equipment is very important. It can help to identify problems prior to them causing major issues or un-scheduled down time.

There is also little point in identifying problems if no-one understands them or acts on them. So you also need to go through the reports and have us go through them as well. 

Server Monitoring

Workstation RMM

Network Monitoring

Systems Management

Blue Lion Device Maintenance

Systems Management is very important, it helps to improve hardware life cycles, maintain peak systems performance and helps to minimise unscheduled system down time for avoidable errors and system problems. 

Also giving indications of wider problems like hardware failure. But more importantly includes activities like virus scanning and other threat management activities that are legal obligations. 

Threat Management

Device Maintenance

Device Management 

Other Services

Some of the other services that Blue Lion Systems offer. 

ICT Consultancy

Secured Website Hosting