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Network Monitoring

Regardless of the industry of your business, the IT infrastructure forms the backbone of your company. Keeping track of its performance can help reduce operating costs and make your business more efficient. In a dynamic economy, we at Blue Lion Systems believe that being in touch with the status of your assets gives you the ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances and use it to your advantage. We provide Network Monitoring services to help your company adapt to changes faster and thrive. Some of the most important benefits of using our Network Monitoring system are given below.

Address problems before they occur

Problems within your network may cause expensive outages. Instead of informing you about the problems when they occur, our Network Monitoring system is able to predict bottlenecks, so that they can be addressed before they create problems. You get to maintain the health of your business without worrying about outages.

Analyze historical data

Our Network Monitoring system gathers real-time data and stores it so that we can identify usage trends and patterns over a period of time. Using this information, you can invest only in the hardware that you need, in order to facilitate the growth of your business.

Improve systemic efficiency

With our Network Monitoring system, you get to find out which areas of your business are using the most resources, and plan for changes accordingly. You can guarantee the up time of your network to your clients and save plenty of time and money invested in dealing with outages and other network problems.

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Why ? 

Minimise unscheduled down time

Reduce wasted staff time.

Minimise stress of systems failures or overloads.

Regular reports to prove your systems are healthy.

Emergency Alerts for priority issues.

Hardware Life-Cycle Planning

Asses Systems Usage.

Compare Historical Resource Usage.

Introduce higher levels of digital security

Can be used to identify security breaches.

Comply with the needs of Accreditation

If you are trying to achieve the likes of,

PCI DSS, BSI, ISO, IEC or similar.

Types of Job ? 

Automatic System Alerts 

When problems occur the systems send out alerts.

Historical Data / Logging

Historical data for analysis / comparison.

To dramatically reduce fault finding times.

Additional Jobs 


Alerts come to us as well as you,

as they probably mean more to us than you.

Monthly Reviews 

Go through systems with you.