Workstation RMM

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Our Workstation RMM is the perfect choice for a Small Business.

Workstation RMM

In today’s technologically driven world, small errors may cause delays of several hours, which can cost businesses hundreds of thousands in lost revenue. At Blue Lion Systems, we believe that specialised tools provide unique advantages, which combine to form a much more robust and efficient system. Our Workstation Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) system is dedicated towards making it possible for small businesses to successfully deliver their infrastructure and services to their clients. Some of the most important benefits that the Workstation RMM service provides to small businesses are given below.

Minimize unscheduled downtime

In a dynamic economy, a few hours of unscheduled downtime can potentially run a small business into losses. The Workstation RMM prevents unscheduled downtime by predicting hardware failures and mitigating the consequences of a system failure on your infrastructure. It also provides regular status reports and emergency alerts for high priority issues.

Improve digital security

The data pertaining to your business products and services needs to be protected from prying eyes at all times. The Workstation RMM system takes it upon itself to detect security breaches so that you can keep your clients safe and your business can comply to the standards of PCI DSS, IEC, ISO or similar organizations.

Supervise hardware life cycle

Your digital infrastructure plays a huge role in the success of your business. With our Workstation RMM system, you can keep track of the usage and compare it with historical data to identify patterns and trends. We offer regular updates and emergency alerts for time-bound problems.

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Why ? 

If you are looking to minimise unscheduled down time

Reduce wasted staff time.

Minimise stress of systems failures.

Predict 98% of major hardware failures before they happen.

Regular reports to prove your systems are healthy.

Emergency Alerts for priority issues.

Hardware Life-Cycle Planning

Asses Systems Usage.

Compare Historical Resource Usage.

Introduce higher levels of digital security

Can be used to identify security breaches.

Comply with the needs of Accreditation

If you are trying to achieve the likes of,

PCI DSS, BSI, ISO, IEC or similar.

Types of Job ? 

Monthly Reports

To identify problems that need addressing.

Prove you have taken steps to identify and resolve issues.

Automatic System Alerts 

When problems occur the systems send out alerts.

Historical Data / Logging

Historical data for analysis / comparison.

To dramatically reduce fault finding times.

Additional Jobs 


Alerts come to us as well as you,

as they probably mean more to us than you.

Monthly Reviews 

Go through systems with you.