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Threat Management

Digital systems are evolving at a breakneck speed, and businesses all over the world are using it for communications, design, engineering and documentation. Unfortunately, the high dependence of businesses over IT infrastructure is making them increasingly more vulnerable to digital threats. We at Blue Lion Systems provide a robust threat management system to small businesses so that you can keep sensitive data protected from internal and external threats. The benefits of using our threat management system are given below.

Confidential data stays confidential

Malicious hackers create viruses, malware, spyware and worms that are specifically designed to gather sensitive information. As your business generates tons of data everyday, a threat management system can ensure that your devices and networks are protected from attempted breaches. Our service provides regular reports to assure you of the health of your infrastructure.

Unintentional outages, data corruption and breaches are prevented

If your business has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for the sake of convenience, you are exposing your system to serious issues concerning unprotected personal devices. Poorly trained staff, software malfunctions and accidents can also result in the compromise of your infrastructure. With a robust threat management system, you can identify and address these issues before they harm your company.

Your customers continue to trust you

Your customer’s trust is your company’s most precious asset, and a serious security breach can lead to the loss of long time clients. A powerful threat management system can help maintain trust with business partners and clients, and also comply with the industry security standards.

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Why ? 

Comply with Industry / Legal requirements

Protect confidential third party data.

Protect from industrial sabotage.

Minimise unscheduled down time

Reduce wasted staff time.

Minimise stress of systems breaches or attempted breaches.

Regular reports to prove your systems are healthy.

Emergency Alerts for priority issues.

Introduce higher levels of digital security

Can be used to identify security breaches.

Comply with the needs of Accreditation

If you are trying to achieve the likes of,

PCI DSS, BSI, ISO, IEC or similar.

Common Sense

Types of Threats


Malicious, Poorly Trained, Accidents, …

Theft (Hardware / Data), Encryption, …

Hardware Failure

Backups (onsite and offsite), Redundancy, …

Software Malfunction 

Data Loss, Systems Downtime, Data Corruption, …

Viruses / Malware

Prevention, Scanning, Reviewing, Logging, Recovery, …


Prevention, Detection, Recovery, …

Additional Jobs 

Regular Work

Scanning, Reviewing, Logging, …


Alerts come to us as well as you,

as they probably mean more to us than you.

Monthly Reviews 

Go through systems with you.

Help complying with your Logging requirements.