Server Monitoring

Blue Lion Systems offer Server Monitoring Services

Our Server Monitoring is the perfect choice for a Small Business.

Server Monitoring

In our highly dynamic world, we need to have a digital infrastructure that goes beyond simply performing under the constant supervision of human staff. Business networks should be able to evaluate their performance and also fix minor issues so as to ensure that the company is running smoothly. Our server monitoring product offers the flexibility required by businesses to adapt and react to the changes in their network without requiring a dedicated agent. Given below are some of the benefits of choosing server monitoring service from Blue Lion Systems.

Improve server efficiency

Our server monitoring system will free up your staff time by enabling you to keep track of hundreds of servers and devices. With regular status reports and alerts, you remain in touch with your network without constant, manual monitoring.

Make servers more robust

Blue Lion Systems understands the importance of having a robust IT system. That is why our server monitoring system is able to not only predict 98% of all major hardware failures much in advance, but also mitigate the harm done during systems failure. It can identify security breaches and provide emergency alerts for priority issues.

Manage your servers with convenience

With our server monitoring system, you get to keep track of your network’s performance on a single dashboard. It even provides you with the ability to monitor and control your servers from the convenience of your home or vehicle.

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At Blue Lion Systems, we believe in providing high quality products and services that gives your business a competitive advantage. Contact us by phone or email during business hours, and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have about our company and our services. Leverage the benefits of server monitoring today and watch your business become more secure and efficient.

Why ? 

If you are looking to minimise unscheduled down time

Reduce wasted staff time.

Minimise stress of systems failures.

Predict 98% of major hardware failures before they happen.

Regular reports to prove your systems are healthy.

Emergency Alerts for priority issues.

Hardware Life-Cycle Planning

Asses Systems Usage.

Compare Historical Resource Usage.

Introduce higher levels of digital security

Can be used to identify security breaches.

Comply with the needs of Accreditation

If you are trying to achieve the likes of,

PCI DSS, BSI, ISO, IEC or similar.

Types of Job ? 

Monthly Reports

To identify problems that need addressing.

Prove you have taken steps to identify and resolve issues.

Automatic System Alerts 

When problems occur the systems send out alerts.

Historical Data / Logging

Historical data for analysis / comparison.

To dramatically reduce fault finding times.

Additional Jobs 


Alerts come to us as well as you,

as they probably mean more to us than you.

Monthly Reviews 

Go through systems with you.