ICT Consultancy

Blue Lion Systems provide ICT Consultancy Services

Our ICT Consultancy is tailored to local small businesses.

Evolving small businesses like yours rely heavily on information and communications technology (ICT). This technology ensures that your business requirements are met and also brings in the desired results. It has become an integral part of modern life. Almost all aspects of our present society’s infrastructure fall under ICT’s umbrella.

ICT covers aspects like efficient online services, complex transportation systems, and sophisticated IT and communications networks. Blue Lion Systems offers excellent ICT consultancy that focuses on the complete process involved in the design and implementation of various systems including the ones mentioned above. Our experts ensure that we offer a comprehensive ICT strategy, robust designs, and successful implementation. We also ensure that benefits are delivered through ongoing management.

Blue Lion Systems’ ICT consultancy focuses on a wide array of disciplines which include business analysis, enterprise architecture, service management, and systems engineering. We also guarantee that you’re offered completely integrated solutions through a holistic approach.

Through Blue Lion Systems’ ICT consultancy, you can benefit your business by boosting its value. We will help you design, build, and innovate your business and IT solutions. These services are available over a large range of technologies as well as deliver models which include IT outsourcing, cloud, mobility, communications, network, end-user computing, data center, sustainability, and security.

Our experts will offer you optimal techniques which will help modify your business’ ICT environment so that you can achieve great levels of innovation. Through our services, you can align your business priorities with IT techniques and investments. Keeping your IT strategy in mind, we can help create a holistic solution that will incorporate new technologies with your current environment.

Blue Lion Systems complies with all your legal obligations and will help with disaster management planning. With our ICT consultation, you have peace of mind knowing that we are here to take care of all your digital needs.

Why ? 

Introduce higher levels of digital security

To comply with your legal obligations,

Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act and similar.

Comply with the needs of new Contracts / Tenders.

To follow best practices and common sense.

Comply with the needs of Accreditation

If you are trying to achieve the likes of,

PCI DSS, BSI, ISO, IEC or similar.

We can assist you with your digital needs.

And discuss other steps that maybe of interest.

Disaster Management Planning

Plug holes now, to avoid Disasters.

Reduces the risks involved when problems happen.

Peace of Mind, you know, you have a plan.

Types of Job ? 

In-dependant Reports 

In-dependant Security Reviews.

Disaster Management Plan Reviews.

Disaster Management 

Assistance with the creation of a Disaster Management Plan.

Annual Disaster Management Plan Testing.

Digital Key Holding Services.

Compliance Management

Needs Assessments.

Regular Reviews.


Regular Status Meetings