Blue Lion Device Management

Blue Lion Systems provide Device Management Services

Our Device Management is tailored to local small businesses.

As your business grows, your company will require a larger number of devices to provide services and create products for your clients. Your company will be essentially making itself more dependent on devices as tools to perform everyday tasks. We at Blue Lion Systems offer a comprehensive device management system that helps you keep track of your tools and use them with the highest efficiency. Given below are some of the things you can do with our device management system.

Keep track of business assets

The devices within your business help your employees perform to their highest potential. With our device management system, you can keep track of how many devices are used by your business, so you can allocate your resources as needed by your projects.

Prevent devices and components from getting stolen

Your tools keep your staff productive. Unfortunately, devices can be stolen, or their components can be replaced with cheaper ones. Stolen devices are not only a loss to your company, but company data in the wrong hands may also lead to security problems. Our device management system helps protect you from theft of your business devices.

Track usage and demand for devices

With the current rate of technological advancement, it is important to keep your device hardware and software upgraded. Our device management system analyzes which tools are most used by your company and where you can make investments for upgrades.

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Why ? 

Keeping track of business assets. 

So you know what you have.

To assist in decision making.

Theft Protection. 

Not just to prevent devices being stolen,

Parts Theft of good parts and replacing with bad.

Device Usage. 

Helping to indicate the need for upgrades.

Where money needs to be spent.

Repairs and Upgrades

Hardware and Software.