Why Blue Lion

Why Blue Lion Systems ?

Local Knowledge and Expertise

We are based in Nottingham with expertise and experience.

When needed you can go through things in person with the appropriate member of staff, not waiting for phone calls with qualified staff in London or more likely India.

Far quicker and more accurate implementation as we can get qualified and knowledgeable staff onsite to analyse your needs or fix problems.

English Company

We are a legitimate and registered English company.

Compliance with Data Protection Legislation and other EU Data Protection Regulations with regards to geographical limits on transfer and protection of data.

No waiting for staff in other time zones.


We have highly qualified staff,

Blue Lion Systems can provide Apple Certified StaffBlue Lion Systems can provide Microsoft Certified StaffBlue Lion Systems can provide Red Hat Certified StaffBlue Lion Systems can provide CompTIA Certified StaffBlue Lion Systems can provide Ubuntu Certified Staff

Reliable, Trustworthy Suppliers and Partners

We have existing connections and relationships with reliable and trustworthy suppliers. Taking a lot of the risk out of choosing what companies you are going to rely on.

We have strong ties with many companies like,

Blue Lions Systems are Acronis Authorised PartnersBlue Lions Systems are a Microsoft Certified Partner Blue Lions Systems are AVG Authorised ResellersBlue Lions Systems are a Netgear Powershift PartnerBlue Lions Systems are a Globalsign Authorised PartnerBlue Lions Systems are Dell PartnerDirect Registered

Blue Lion System's Client Panel

If you are already a Blue Lion Client then Login to the Blue Lion Client Panel. From here you can manage your account, check projects, ask questions and get help.

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