What Blue Lion Systems does

Blue Lion Systems are an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and IT Security Consultancy.

 Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring of Servers, Workstations and Network Infrastructure both Hardware and Software.

To help in predicting impending Hardware or Software problems.

To assist in asset life-cycle management (Upgrades and Replacements).

To keep an eye out for security breaches and other similar problems.

 System's Maintenance

Routine General Maintenance on Servers, Workstations and Network Infrastructure.

Lengthening Server and Workstation life-cycles.

Drastically improving systems performance and stability.

Threat Management, minimising risks from Virus, Malware, Theft, Users and more.

Device / Asset Management, so as to keep track of your equipment.

End User Support, Management Meetings, and similar.

Reports and Support to assist in decision making.

Management and checking of System Backups both onsite and off-site.

Backup Systems encase of main systems failure.

 IT Security Consultancy

Consultancy for your IT needs if you wished to,

Gain standards like PCI DSS, BSI, ISO or IEC,

Gain various professional and industrial accreditation,

Comply with the requirements of Tenders or Contracts,

Comply with Law's such as Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act and similar,

Or just Common Sense and Best Practice.

 Secure Website Hosting

Secure, Monitored, Maintained Hosting and Application Grade Hosting.

Managed, Monitored, Maintained WordPress Management.

Virus and Malware Scanning, Blacklist Monitoring, CDN and more.

Dell HPC for Life Science converged infrastructure solution, including multiple PowerEdge products enclosed in a PowerEdge Rack.

Blue Lion System's Client Panel

If you are already a Blue Lion Client then Login to the Blue Lion Client Panel. From here you can manage your account, check projects, ask questions and get help.

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